It means you have run out of swipes. For example, if you are on the 14-meal per week plan, you are only allowed to eat that number of meals in the week. Your board plan week begins on Monday at breakfast and ends Sunday at dinner. If your card scans "low balance" and you choose to sign the cashier's log to eat, you will be charged for that meal.

Students have ten days from the start of the semester to change their meal plan. It is up to the student to go online to fill out the proper form.

The answer is in the "missed meal factor." On average, the vast majority of students eat 12 to 14 meals per week. While it is true some students average less than 10 meals per week, even fewer eat all 19. By charging the same rate to all, we can offer a lower across-the-board average cost to everyone. Those who know they will never eat more than 14 meals a week can have Dining Dollars to spend for that occasional early morning snack in Oneota Market, breakfast in the caf, or maybe a purchase in our Nordic Mart or late night snack in Marty's.

Dining Dollars can be used anywhere you can buy food on campus: Marty's, Oneota Market, Nordic Mart, Nordic Brew, and the cafeteria. Dining Dollars are associated with meal plans and cannot be refunded. You may purchase extra Dining Dollars here. NordiCash can be used anywhere you can spend money on campus: Marty's, Oneota Market, Nordic Mart, Nordic Brew, the cafeteria, Book Shop, Document Center, post office, and Luther's ticket office.

NordiCash can be purchased from the Financial Services Office and can be refunded if any remains when you graduate.

Yes, you can add any amount of Dining Dollars (DD) to your student account at any time throughout the year. It makes it easier for you to make purchases on campus - there's no need to carry cash or credit cards. You can simply use your student ID to make purchases in any dining location.

Dining Dollars are equivalent to the American dollar and are non-refundable. Go here to add Dining Dollars to your account.

This meal plan offers students have an unlimited number of meals available to them each week. However, only one meal swipe may be used per hour the cafeteria is open. This plan does not allow multiple swipes. In addition, students are limited to two grab-and-go meal swipes per day. This plan also includes $140 Dining Dollars (DD) to spend throughout the semester.

Temp cards work just like your regular ID card. While you have a temp card issued in your name, your regular ID card will not work. Temp cards are issued by the Dining Services Office to students who have forgotten or misplaced their IDs. Temp cards may be used for up to three business days. If a temp card is not returned within three business days, there will be a $10 fee. Students are allowed only two cards free of charge each semester. There is a $10 fee for those who have used more than two per semester.

The Dining Services Office can replace your ID card for at $25 fee. Please call and let us know (x1030 or 563-387-1030) if you believe your card has been stolen so that we may prevent any unauthorized charges on the card. If not reported, you may be responsible for any charges that occur.