Tatcho Night Pop-Up

October 06, 2023

Last Friday, Student Managers of Marty’s and Nordic Brew held their first-ever Pop-Up event featuring “Tatcho Night”.  For the uninitiated, Tatchos are nachos made on Tater-Tots instead of tortilla chips, and they are delicious.  “We thought it would be a fun way to get students into Marty’s on a Friday night,” said Alexia Murano, a junior Elementary Ed and Spanish double major and 3-year Dining Services worker.  Using Marty’s burrito line as their topping bar, Student Managers Murano, Caroline Lambrecht, Grace May, Alexia Murano, Olivia Mooney, Haley Lambert, and Anya Bacon served over 100 people at their inaugural event.

Musician turned leadership facilitator Jason LeVasseur entertained the crowd with his songs and comedy, and audience members were encouraged to join him for an impromptu “open mic” experience.  A few students even got on stage and used LeVasseur’s guitar to perform.  “Jason was here for leadership programs throughout the weekend, and he offered his time and talents for the Tatchos Pop-Up,” said SAC Director Jenna Mockler-Gjerde.  “It was a fun and unexpected collaboration.”  

Marty’s Student Managers hope to host more Friday evening events throughout the semester.  Senior Social Work major and longtime Dining Services employee Caroline Lambrecht stated “We’re working on other ideas for food and entertainment.  Stay tuned for future Pop-Ups at Marty’s!”  Dining Services Operations Manager Diane Narum echoed Lambrecht, saying “The Student Managers did an awesome job at their first event and they are really excited to do it again.  I’m looking forward to what they come up with next.”  Check out Dining Services’ Facebook and Instagram accounts for details going forward.